Company Information

C.Dean Mason Agency

Dean Mason was born in Williams, Minnesota in 1929.  When he was 18, he quit is job, bought a car and headed west to work on the railroad.  He worked for the Southern Pacific railroad  in Cottage Grove and Powers.  He soon landed a permanent job at the Myrtle Point depot as a telegrapher.  He was always interested in family history and soon knew everyone in the area.  He was noted for knowing more about a family then they did themselves.  He would also cut hair for anyone who couldn't afford a barber.
    In 1960 Dean decided to leave the railroad and start a bookkeeping and insurance business from scratch.  After a year he decided to become an independent agent, continued with the bookkeeping accounts and added income tax preparation.  In 1960 he purchased the old grocery store at 704 Spruce Street and turned it into an office.  As the business thrived, Dean started bringing his family into the business.  His wife Dorothy worked as an insurance agent, bookkeeper and tax preparer.  His son Ron graduated from college in 1973 and became a partner in the business, working as an insurance agent.  Ron's wife Judy started in the business as a bookkeeper and tax preparer in 1979 and later became an insurance agent.  Dean and Dorothy sold the business to Ron and retired in 1999.
     The office has always been a place for friends to stop by visit, tell stories of the past and reminiscence.  People always loved to hear Dean's old stories, history of the area and residents and of course his jokes.  To this day, our staff maintains the friendly, casual, hometown atmosphere.  Our customers are very important to us and we try to give everyone the very best service possible.